About Us


Chargebacking is an investigative funds recovery agency that aims to equip you with the best consultants in the market in order to retrieve your money from a scam artist. We are aware that numerous individuals have been scammed out of large sums of money and we are here to fight the battle with you. Our experts gather together to review, analyze, and investigate details to track and catch the company that scammed you – and we don’t just stop there, we retrieve the lost amount for you. We are a salient funds recovery organization, recognized worldwide.

Chargebacking has been operating for more than 7 years and throughout the course of recent years, we have recovered around $100,000 for our esteemed clients. Our portfolio includes more than 800 clients, with not a single client who has lost their case against a scammer. Our company believes in a strong no-nonsense method of work when it comes to confronting a scammer to ensure that our client gets their money back in the most efficient and effective means possible. We will aid you in recovering your assets no matter how complex the case may be. 

Trust Us To Recover Your Assets

More than tens of thousands of individuals have gotten scammed in the past, but they reported it on time and got their money back. Reach out to our team, report your case timely, and we will help you.

We are Professionals in Our Field

Our Company Works Hard to Achieve Our Mission

Among our group, we have onboarded specialists and professionals who guarantee the running of our activity is profoundly productive and client orientated. Every one of our representatives at Chargebacking has more than 3+ years of experience in their relevant niche, this makes them amazing at what they do – because not only are they passionate about their work, but their clients too!

From customer support to lawyers and forensic accountants, anybody you reach inside our organization is undeniably positioned to help you. Beginning with the underlying audit of the case, to gathering proof, and then the entire way to tackling the scammer and recovering your cash, our group will be your ally constantly – no matter what it takes.

“Don’t ponder over what has been taken from you - instead get up, fight fire with fire, and gain control over what is rightfully yours.”

~Chargebacking Founder

The founder of this organization did not come up with the idea of Chargebacking overnight, no! Instead, he was a survivor of a banking scam – Mr. Eddie Marckenson got tricked into almost losing $15,000 through a banking fraud, a cheque scam to be more specific.

The Chargebacking founder was going to pay his son’s university tuition fee for which he had written a cheque, however, when the cheque was posted to his son at university – it was intercepted and got into the wrong hands. A scammer had fraudulently withdrawn $15,000 out of Mr. Marckenson’s bank account had vanished into thin air. The son of Mr. Markenson was devastated when he learned that his tuition fee had been stolen, that’s when his father said to him,

Don’t ponder over what has been taken from you – instead get up, fight fire with fire, and gain control over what is rightfully yours.” 

Following that, he made use of his 6+ years of experience in the chargeback industry and risk management market, educated himself on the laws, rules, and regulations of filing disputes and claims against scammers, then finally after continuous hard work, follow-ups, and battles with financial bodies, he was able to retrieve his money. That’s when Mr. Marckenson realized that there was a gap in the market, not everyone has the time and resources to fight scam cases, so why not aid the people by constructing and fighting the case for them.

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