How Hannah Lane Managed To Recover $98,000 From An Online Dating Scam

At last, after months of turmoil, Hannah managed to recover financially and even paid off her debts in time with the help of Chargebacking. She is aware that if it weren’t for them she would have never been able to recover the amount and would have been crippled with debt.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must all be aware of online dating; after all, it’s the new fad. Regardless, we’ll explain it to you. In essence, online dating is a way in which people find and contact each other through an app or website to arrange a meetup, with the hopes of developing a personal or perhaps romantic entanglement. In recent years, this trend has picked up, with people, instead of trying to strike up a conversation with people face-to-face, preferring to do it online. Don’t believe us? Just look at the number- dating app revenues have increased every year since 2015, reaching $5.61 billion in 2021. 

This allows for the convenience that a single swipe right presents to a person. But this convenience comes with its own price. With the rise in online dating, online dating fraudsters have left no stone unturned- online dating scams are on an all-time high. The FBI issued a statement stating that victims of online dating scams lost an estimate of 1 billion in 2021. Likewise, the federal trade commission reported that romance scams rose to an estimate of 80% in 2021, with the online dating victims losing around $547 million. Both of the mentioned agencies insinuated that these numbers might be on the lower side. They went on to explain that most consumers are not reporting fraud when it happens, and romance scams may be particularly unlikely to be reported because there can be a lot of embarrassment around it.

This situation may seem daunting to you, that a person might come along and make you believe in a fairytale, such that you’re willing to hand over all of your life savings. You might think, “this can’t be me, I know better,” A lot of people think as you do. Such is the story of Hannah, after all.

This article will go into detail about a case study of one of our clients, Hannah Lane, a 26-year-old American, who got swindled out of her money by a seemingly perfect 30-year-old Brazilian, Jude Kane. Worry not; it’s one of our success stories; we succeeded in recovering her money.

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A Brief Glance At Hannah's Life

Before we get into the gruesome details of this case, let’s delve a little deeper into what kind of person Hannah was. The 26-year-old Hannah Lane worked as a Junior Graphic designer at an unassuming firm in Chicago, where she earned approximately 64,400 dollars each year. In essence, Hannah Lane was your average city girl, but with dreams of finding true love, even if it meant finding it through her tinder dates. She took each of her matches to mean as if she had found the one. She was often disappointed but didn’t let it deter her, with her ever-green optimism.

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Maybe that’s why it was so easy for her to fall in love with the one guy who truly showed interest in her. Hannah’s life changed forever when she came across Jude’s profile on tinder. He had an easy-going smile with an eye-catching matching bio. He looked smart and, guessing from his bio, witty as well. There was one thing she couldn’t help but notice that he was adorned in designer clothing from his Louis Vuitton Polo to his Gucci boots. This wasn’t a deciding factor in her swiping right, but it did help his case.

Then, Hannah made the decision that would change her life forever. She swiped right and it was a match. Though she proceeded to message him, she wasn’t really expecting him to reply back or rather engage in a conversation, but to her disbelief, he did both. They both got to talking, and it seemed like they clicked. She was over the moon, as she had never come across someone who was as interested in her life and occupation as him. Upon talking, he revealed that he was an heir to a multinational oil refinery company, thus explaining his extravagant lifestyle and constant traveling.

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How Hannah Got Scammed Out Of A Whopping $98,000​

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Hannah’s life proceeded like it would if she were in a fairytale, with a chauffeur coming to pick her up for her dates at five-star hotels which were far and few in-between, lavish gifts, and roses at her office desk. It seemed that Jude was fully in love, and the feeling was reciprocated by Hannah. Though the relationship was mostly long-distance, with Jude traveling abroad on a weekly basis. On one such day, when Jude was supposed to return back, he texted her frantically stating that he was extremely troubled as he got into a fight with his father and cut him off, and had his credit cards blocked. Jude sent desperate voice notes asking Hannah to wire him $50,000 so that he could continue traveling to Sweden from Spain so that he could meet his father and sort this out.

As far as Hannah was concerned, she had reason to doubt Jude, as it was possible that a squabble between him and his father might have led to this. But Hannah didn’t have this sort of cash lying around, but upon being urged by Jude she decided to take out loans for $25000, and $20000 respectively from two banks, and the rest $5000 from her personal savings account. She continued to wire transfer the money to Jude, who promised her that he would return the cash as soon as possible. After a week went by, with Jude thanking her profusely, but with no mention of money returning. A whole month went by, with Poor Hannah thinking she would get her money back. She knew Jude was a millionaire and she had no reasons to worry, this is why she kept mum.

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One day she decided to message him inquiring about the money, to which he replied with a money transfer receipt stating that he had transferred a sum of $50,000 to her account, and she hadn’t received it yet. He reassured her that transferring amounts internationally took their time. Meanwhile, he said that due to him transferring her this amount, his transaction limit was reached, so if she could pay for his daily spending for a few days. For this purpose, she maxed out on her AMEX card, paying for his luxury shopping, hotel rooms, and dine-outs.

All while waiting for the $50,000 to transfer to her account. Despite all of this occurring, she didn’t think twice that Jude might be swindling her.This all changed the day she showed hesitancy towards spending more money on him, as she had already spent a sum total of $98000 on him. It was then that Jude showed his true colors by being aggressive towards and accusing her of not trusting him. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as Hannah was left in disbelief as he got angry over her showing little hesitancy. Left with no choice, she contacted the financial institutions whom she took a loan from, as she was in no position to pay them back.

They agreed to visit her where she proceeded to show them all the evidence she had gathered and how she hadn’t spent even a cent from the loan on herself. Though they believed her story there was nothing they could do to help. She further contacted American Express and received the same answer. Feeling helpless and panicked she turned to Reddit where she explained her situation, and the user sympathized with her and suggested trying Chargebacking, a fund recovery service. The only thing giving her hope was that the anonymous user had been in the same position as her and had recovered the full amount using Chargebacking’s services.

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Chargebacking To The Rescue!​

Left with no choice, Hannah decided to research Chargebacking, and everything she found depicted authenticity and trustworthiness. Not wanting to fool again, she decided to contact them and explained her situation to them. They were extremely professional and solution-oriented and their customer care took their time to walk her through their entire process. After speaking with their past customers and reading numerous success stories, Hannah decided to give them a go. It turned out to be the best decision she had made in a long long time.

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The minute she agrees to work with them to recover her money, investigation specialists will start reviewing your case and working on it. They worked with the same urgency that Hannah was feeling in her heart, they seemed well aware that this was an extremely time-sensitive matter so the faster they started working the quicker they would have the amount back. Studies have shown that if a scam. We know that online scams are an extremely time-sensitive matter so the quicker work starts on them the faster your amount can be recovered. According to studies, if a fraud is reported within two days of its occurrence, the scammer is caught 87 percent of the time. Sadly, this wasn’t the case with Hannah, but regardless of this fact,  experts at  Chargebacking assured her that the amount would be recovered.

Following the case review, a member of their team contacted her to further discuss your situation and provide advice based on her specific circumstances. Evidence was crucial in turning the case in her favor, just as it was in any other criminal case, therefore they began the earliest steps of evidence collection and broker evaluation at this time. Hannah’s footsteps were traced back to the Judge by members of their squad in order to obtain any and all pertinent proof materials. Calls, messages, emails, screenshots, billings, bills, and the whole digital footprint were all included. At this point, Hannah continues to work closely with digital experts to ensure that all relevant evidence is recovered in order to make her case as strong as possible.

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They kept her in the loop throughout the process, which made her rest a little easier knowing that Chargebacking was putting all its efforts into her case. The members of the team started the documentation for her case. The data was organized in an efficient, effective, and feasible manner to ensure that the financial institutions concerned would not reject it. This is the last stage in the recovery process. At this point their recovery experts designed a custom strategy on how to go about the recovery itself, they contemplated approaching Jude directly, providing them with the evidence and informing of the consequences, or involving a third party. They decided to go with the former choice and reached out to Jude.

At first, he pretended to be appalled that Hannah would accuse him of this, but upon being reached out to by a group of professionals threatening legal repercussion Jude gave in and turned in half the amount. This didn’t dissuade Chargebacking’s specialists, who had a backup plan in the form of involving financial institutions. They’ve teamed up with payment processors like Transferwise, Paypal, and others to assist us to recover your money. At last, they contacted financial institutions, who agreed to help because of the undeniable proof Chargebacking presented to them, and they sent an official notice to Jude. Consequently, Jude decided to send the last of the amount he owed to Hannah, making it a success for both Hannah and Chargebacking.


At last, after months of turmoil, Hannah managed to recover financially and even paid off her debts in time with the help of Chargebacking. She is aware that if it weren’t for them she would have never been able to recover the amount and would have been crippled with debt.

She, to this date, urges people to speak up against online dating scams and wishes that people wouldn’t be embarrassed if they become a victim of one, but rather reach out to esteemed fund recovery firms such as Chargebacking to recover their funds in a timely and efficient manner. 

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